Artwork File Guide

Recommended resolution:

300 dpi The resolution changes over 300 dpi are almost imperceptible so do not increase the resolution if not necessary - it does not improve the quality but enlarges the file volume (size) instead.

Artwork Dimensions:

Add 3mm Bleed on all sides of the artwork. Top, Bottom, Right and left. So For Example; a business card finish size is 50mm x 90 mm. You need to provide us the file size as 56mm x 96 mm, bearing in mind that any Bleed Area will cut out during the process of cutting after printing. So make sure that your contents are in safe zone and not in bleed zone. (Paper/Material is cut out 3mm on all sides)

Acceptable Files:

We Accept .cdr and .eps files, in CMYK Layers only. Quotation you can send us the PDF for quick look. If you do not have the original files of your design, you can ask the person who designed it for you. They must provide you the above file format as it is included in the design services. We can surly redesign for you if you are unable to provide us the files as mentioned above.

Embossing, Die Cutting, Spot UV Guidelines:

For Example you like us to embosse a business cards with 2 side printing and some Spot UV area. In this case you will have to prepare 4 page file as following:

A= Front Side Printing Desing

B= Back Side Printing Design

C= Embossing Area in 100% Black on White back ground

D= Spot UV Area in 100% Black on White back ground

If you require Die cutting:

Front printing design, Back printing design and Die cutting area witn 1 mm thick Black line explaining the die cutting Zone on a white background.

Colour management:

Please provide your artwork in CMYK palette. Ensure that ALL images, text and other design elements have colours set to CMYK palette and do not contain any RGB colours. If you require Pantone colours then please mention this in your artwork.

We can customise almost anything related to printing for you so please just tell us what you like to get done.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate contacting us via web form or Livechat with our representative for further information