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Square Bumper Stickers


Square bumper stickers are specifically designed and shaped in square shape.  You must have seen them at one or other time in your life. There are  tons of these stickers displayed on the back of cars, on their windows, and even stuck to lamp posts when you drive on the roadways. They are famous all over the world for one reason or another.

Our uniquely designed bumper stickers in square shape are useful tool  for those who wants an effective promotion of their business. From TV station to machine companies, they have the potential to promote every kind of business. You can display almost anything through the use of square bumper stickers. we can customize them according to your requirements in size, shape, colors, design and quantity. You can have them in big size which can cover the whole bumper of your car displaying your message or in small size which you can display on the car window.

Due to their high quality material, our stickers are durable and weather resistant. We highly recommended square bumper stickers for outdoor uses. We make use of state of the art printing techniques which make them fully bright and colorful and non fade. You can also use them to label your fleet of vehicles which display your ownership. We offer free digital proof, free lamination, and free delivery at your door step. Our 100 % guaranteed customer satisfaction ensures 100% quality products at affordable rates.

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