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Custom Clear Vinyl Stickers
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Custom Clear Vinyl Sticker


Custom clear vinyl sticker(s) are the stickers which are printed on the vinyl material and are exclusively designed and printed according to the personal or business requirements of clients. Stickers are the best tools for the purpose of expressing yourself and also serve as friendliest means of advertising and marketing. They are printed on either premium white vinyl or supreme clear vinyl.

Vinyl is definitely a more reliable choice as compared to paper for manufacturing stickers due to its reliability, durability and usability. There are two different kinds of vinyl; clear vinyl, and white vinyl. When the stickers are printed on clear vinyl they have the transparent background. So we recommend them for the purpose of pasting on surfaces with light colored background for a more prominent appearance. The stickers that are printed on white vinyl are solid stickers that are not transparent. They possess the background of solid colors. The use of custom clear Vinyl sticker for the purpose of decorating walls and ceilings has become extensive. This is due to the reason that they are durable, long lasting, removable, washable and most of all cost effective means of interior decoration.

We manufacture highest quality custom clear vinyl sticker at the most affordable rates. We make use of superior quality material which you can customize in terms of size, shape, design, colors and quantity. We believe in delivering you quality at your door step without any additional charges. So take advantage of our value added services and our limited time discount offer. Order now!

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