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A custom die-cut sticker is a sticker made from vinyl, usually with cut out spaces made by cutting around a die, or mold. They are very famous as they can be designed and printed in any shape that anyone can think of. The die, or mold, is created to follow the outline of a custom-created design or piece of art. Once the pattern is applied to the vinyl, either razors (for small amounts) or machine cutters (for large quantities) cut out the exact pattern.

A die-cut sticker comes in a sheet with three layers. The top layer is a clear protective shield, the middle layer is the vinyl sticker itself, and the last layer is a back liner behind the sticker or decal. First remove the clear plastic shield, then place the decal against the surface for which it is intended and firmly smooth a credit card over the decal with the back liner still on it. Then, you can remove the liner to reveal the adhered sticker.

Custom Die-cut business stickers are available with adhesive on the back of the decal, for application on exterior surfaces like car windows and bumpers, or with adhesive on the front, which allows the sticker to be placed inside a window or glass door and be visible from the outside. For more information you can call our representative and they will take care of all your needs and also you can live chat with us.

Specification Diagram

Stickers Printing Order Process Diagram

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