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Round Foil Sticker


The round foil sticker gives a shiny and immaculate look on one side of the sticker while the other sticky side helps to stick on the plane surfaces. These foil stickers are made and imprinted on different kinds of stock materials  on which afterwards foiling is done to make look attractive and reflective with the foiling effect on them.

These stickers are famous and popular all over the world due to their multitude of uses, besides they can be printed, laminated, foiled, pasted and removed when required easily and without any problem. The companies often make use of round foil stickers on the certificates, on the different envelopes and the official documents of large institutions. The companies also make use of these foil stickers to mark their products as the genuine and original products of their company.

There are various online printing companies which manufacture and print foil stickers but is one of the best among them beyond doubt. We offer our customers with best quality services. You can have the round foil stickers printed in any custom shape and size. You can have the round stickers in any diameter size of your choice and according to your placement requirements. You can also have these stickers laminated with the gloss or matt laminations. Foiling which is done on these stickers gives them a different and startling effect. You can also have them die cut according to the specific design of your logo or any shape you want.

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