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Die Cut Hologram stickers
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Die Cut Hologram Stickers


The hologram stickers are primarily meant for counterfeiting different products which are causing harm to the original and genuine product. These stickers posses the photographic creation quality that can only be counterfeited through the original photo. This makes it impossible for the duplicators to form the hologram sticker without the original photographic image or logo of the company. This whole process takes place through a special kind of software which works on the principal of producing output film and to record the image within the glass master.

Die cut hologram stickers are the hologram stickers which are die cut according to the requirements of the customers. You can have them printed and die cut in any shape which your logo posses. It can be tree shapes, eagle shaped, cow shaped, pencil shaped and any other shape according to your provided image or logo. You can also get them printed in square, round, rectangle oval and triangle shapes. After the final printing is done on the die cut hologram stickers, they are finished with gloss lamination to give a shiny look or to have decent and warm dull look matte varnish is used on them.

Stickersprinting.co.uk makes these special type of stickers exactly the same as you want them to be. We are committed to provide you with the best result and complete satisfaction. Therefore, we offer you the free design assistance and free digital proof, so that you can check the design before the stickers get printed. So place your order today and enjoy our fabulous sticker printing services!

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