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Oval Hologram Sticker


Oval hologram stickers are specially designed and printed to stop the counterfeiting. The oval hologram stickers are special kind of stickers that have the design or logo of the company hidden behind the 3D effect created on them. This special design has a pattern of lines in them at different places which are shown in the stickers. Few of these lines are made in such ways that show great depth and they finally give a 3D effect to the sticker which makes them completely distinctive.

The oval is a popular and demanded shape in the stickers printing industry. Oval hologram stickers are designed and printed for the security reasons, so they are placed on the packing of the new and genuine products. These hologram stickers develop the credibility and reliability of the products. You can have them fully customized according to your requirements and specifications. These customizations can be done in all aspects of custom oval hologram stickers. The 3D effects is one of the vital aspect of these stickers along with this it can have two different types of laminations on them. Gloss lamination gives a pure shiny look to the stickers while if you want a decent and dull look matte lamination is the right choice.

So if you are looking for all above mentioned qualities in your oval hologram stickers then get them printed and made from the leading stickers company, stickersprinting.co.uk, at the most affordable prices. Order now and avail our amazing value added services as well!

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