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Custom static clings has gained increasing attention in the global market in the past few years. These types of stickers are exceptional in the sense that they do not need some special adhesive or glue for sticking to the surface. These highly customizable clings make use of the principal of static charge for sticking to the surface. For this purpose they need highly smooth surfaces and the corporate mirrors provide them with that surface. So they are mostly seen on the corporate buildings.

Due to their unique and specific characteristic they do not need any adhesive to stick to any surface in fact the static charge makes them cling easily to the smooth surface. Another quality of these custom static clings is that you can easily remove them from any surface without any damage and can cling them to some other surface. They do not leave any kind of spot or stain so they can be perfectly used anywhere and at any place.

The use vinyl for the custom static clings provides people with the perfect, in expensive and mess free solution for advertising and branding their products. You can have the brand of your company printed with beautiful and attractive designs or you can have them for fun purpose as well. is one of the best stickers printing online company which can provide you with the best and fine custom static clings according to your requirements and customization of your choice. We offer free digital proof, free delivery and 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction to all our valued customers.

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