Octagon Static Clings
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Octagon Static Clings

Octagon Static Clings


Octagon static clings are designed and printed in the shape of octagon according to your required size. They are typically manufactured from plasticized vinyl, white or clear, and can effortlessly stick to any kind of smooth surface. It possesses a bit excessive stickiness due to the some excess plasticizer used in its making. They make great for the informational and promotional displays because they come off quite easily without creating any kind of mess or leaving behind any residues. You must have often observed these static clings on the glass with certain messages like 40% off on all winter stick or in store clearance or other hot news. They do their job in a perfect way without creating any mess and with minimum expenses. They are an ideal choice for the stores and shops facing the street or in a mall having outside windows.

Stickersprinting.co.uk manufacture and print octagon static clings with full color digital printing on them which gives them a completely new life and revives their look. We also provide personalize and pantone color matching which helps you to decide the tones which deliver your message to the people in effective way. You can easily locate them at every nook and corner of shopping malls, stores, buildings etc. We make use of finest quality material of your choice along with latest and high quality printing techniques which gives a true bright and vibrant life like colors to your octagon static cling. So place your order now and avail our fabulous value added services!

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