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Stickers have taken a new place in market. They are definitely the hottest selling item right now in the market. We have seen all sorts of stickers like, wall decals, customized cars stickers, stickers for personnel belongings and many more such things but what is new now is bumper stickers for cars. Basically bumper stickers are the stickers that are placed on the bumper of the sticker and which is visible.

They are the new hot trend in the market. Wholesale Bumper stickers can be political slogans or your favorite cartoon character and they are cheap as they are ordered in bulk. Custom bumper stickers at wholesale reduces per head cost. Nowadays loads of cars are spotted having political stickers showing off their favorite political party. They are also used for showing favorite team of any individual. Those stickers can also be funny and full of humor. You can have slogans that are eye catching and have some amazing designs on them. The bumper stickers can be clear or vinyl, glossy or sober. Even black and white stickers can be printed if preferred. Keeping the new trend in mind, neon and florescent colors are totally in these days. Especially cars that are owned by girls have such color on their cars.

You can order as many stickers as you want and you are sure to have amazing discounts on it. You can call our representative for more information and they will guide you through the ordering process and we deliver all over US free of cost. 

Specification Diagram

Stickers Printing Order Process Diagram

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