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Rectangular shape is good and common shape in the stickers and you can have these stickers printed in a unique design which can attract other and play a great role in getting eye balls turn towards them. Window stickers can change the whole look of the place. For this purpose, the design is very important to make them look beautiful and if the stickers are not designed professionally they can spoil the complete look of the window. Rectangular window stickers are often displayed on the windows of the class rooms in the schools, colleges and universities. They can also be displayed on different kinds of windows in the shopping malls, offices, restaurants, hotel rooms, air plane windows and other vehicles windows. You can use them for the advertising, marketing, and decoration and to share the messages with the people around. can print rectangular window stickers having attractive designs with the bright and vibrant color scheme to refresh the atmosphere of your room and place. You can have them printed in one color, two colors, three colors and four or full color printings. You can also have them laminated to give a shiny look with the glossy warnish and matte lamination gives a decent dull look to the stickers. Other customization such as rounded corners, UV spotting, 3D effects can also be done on these stickers and finally have them in the customized size of your windows.

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